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You know when you’ve too many projects lying around the house and you realise you don’t want to do any of them?

– Bobbie from the RYC Classic Woman book, in Soft Lux, just in purple, not white: only the front is finished, 5 cables every 20 rows started fun but pissed me right off at the end.

– Baby blue 3/4 sleeves – Rowan Cotton Glace: Back finished, front halfway through. Bored with the plain mindless st st.

– Kosue, from the Bamboo Tape Collection. If you’ve seen it, you know it. The pretty halter top, tied around the waist? Yeah. THAT one. Well, gauge correct. Pattern correct. No correction/amendment about a pattern error anywhere on the internet… yet the back, instead of 40cm wide… is 48cm. Hangs like a wet towel down my back. Makes the whole thing unwearable and unbelievably uncomfortable. I know I need to fix it. How? Asked mom and grandma over the phone, nothing they could really put their finger on.

Eventually the flatmate came up with the best idea. Line it. Get some nice fabric and line the inside. Which will not only give it shape but also will give a bit more of flesh coverage than the knitted fabric does. He is beginning to think like a woman.

That’s about it really. One more funny thing. Reading Veronique’s blog she mentions buying wool for Agnes, from Rowan 35. Surprisingly enough, that’ll be the next project on my needles, only in red with the french knots in beige…

Have a nice weekend everyone and a very nice Monday off to those like me who will enjoy the May 7th Bank Holiday in the UK


Begin the beginning

So, back to the drill.

 Hello everyone!

Being no newbie to the blog world, I am not filling my first post with facts about me as there’ll be pleeeeeenty of time to learn about those. Instead, I will just say the reason why I opened it:

 I am a knitaholic. A yarn ho. A chick with sticks. On Monday I realised I’d much rather stay home knitting than going to work. That must mean something.

 The title, very obviously relates to what I say every single night when my eyes can’t stay open “just one more row… if I fit in one more row before I….zzzzzz… before I fall asleep, I’ll be done sooner”.

 That’s about it. More later….