Begin the beginning

So, back to the drill.

 Hello everyone!

Being no newbie to the blog world, I am not filling my first post with facts about me as there’ll be pleeeeeenty of time to learn about those. Instead, I will just say the reason why I opened it:

 I am a knitaholic. A yarn ho. A chick with sticks. On Monday I realised I’d much rather stay home knitting than going to work. That must mean something.

 The title, very obviously relates to what I say every single night when my eyes can’t stay open “just one more row… if I fit in one more row before I….zzzzzz… before I fall asleep, I’ll be done sooner”.

 That’s about it. More later….


1 Response to “Begin the beginning”

  1. 1 Charlie June 19, 2007 at 1:09 pm

    I am hearing you! I am working from home today and all I can think of is the sock I have to finish!
    I found your blog via Ravelry by the way – keep up the good knitting.
    Charlie x

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