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Editing Away

I got home tonight and as flatmate is going to be late and I didn’t want to continue crocheting like mad, I grabbed hold of my magazines, books, and patterns… and started editing stuff on Ravelry.

I edited and approved:

  • Anna – Rowan Studio 1
  • Ivy – Rowan 35
  • Kaban – Rowan 35
  • Pia – Rowan 35
  • Rosa – Rowan 35
  • Spaced Out – Rowan 35 (requested pic for it too)

As a very good girl, I took pics of my stash and updated them too, including the latest acquisition: 10 balls of Jaeger Siena 4ply in the cutest buttery yellow colour. I think I’ll make Rosa (see above) with black beads. Although I fear I’ll look like a bee.

I also plan on adding my damned Kosue from the Bamboo Tape collection… Mom is visiting this weekend, and I hope we can look at it and decide the best way to “attack it”. Maybe lining it is not such a bad idea. Who knows.

I should also add the 2 RYC books I have, as I’m making a couple of things from it.

Today work was very slow. I mean, slow enough for me to see IK Fall 07. See the patterns. Post about it. Toy with the idea of a Rowan Membership. Pay for it. Edit the post. Research the yarns. Try to find substitutes. Slooow day, I tell you.


IK fall 07

Oh gosh. Via Gaby’s blog I found out the preview of the new IK Fall 07.

2 dresses I want to make. Both of them. Snuggly gorgeous dresses. Boyfriend is getting the mag for me… but I can’t wait until he comes to see me to start shopping for wool!! Red silky dress. RED! Yay. Woohoo.

<edit>Ahem ahem… I caved in. I got a Rowan International Membership. It’s not that expensive and it feeds the habit. 🙂 </edit>

More more more

Wow, it’s been long. Alice has been taking all my time and attention and devotion.

For the ones that have seen the pattern, you know there’s a border worked on a different colour, and I did order the yarn to make that edge. Well, once knitted… I hated it. It took forever to knit (323 st on size 2.5mm – cuckoo), and the whole k5, co3, to make it 123 st wasn’t that much better. Once on the needles and ready to join the main colour, I frogged it all and it’s sitting on the mountain of yarn, ready to be made a handbag, methinks.When I swatched for Alice, I could not for the life of me get the pattern correct. I decided, bugger it all, I’m going to start the actual thing. And I did. I made a little mistake on the lower right corner of the back, *barely*visible unless you look for mistakes, and I’m very happy. Once I got going, the pattern was so much easier. Now I no longer need to look at it to go along.

And here’s the back, all finished. The fronts are on the needles as we speak, ready for armhole decreases.

See that’s one thing I’d like to know. For 2 same fronts of a jacket, for 2 sleeves… do you knit one, then the other? Or do like my gran, mom and me, and cram the thousand stitches on the needles and do both at the same time to avoid having to actually think twice about the decreases et al?

Another thing that has been driving me off the wall is “the jelly baby”. Rachel, my flatmate’s sister, who very nicely let us stay in her house for free for 3 months while we househunted, is pregnant. I’ve known since like, March. But only when she came over to visit I realised the imminence of the thing itself. She’s due in early November, but with my new job starting soon and family visits and all that… I needed to start it.

The baby blanket. I said I was going to do it, and I realised, a blanket is not a scarf. Or a pair of mittens. It’s something usually very big and boring, mindless row after row.

Searches on ravelry didn’t spark up much… until the last page. Then I saw it! Starghan!

Off I went to buy some baby yarn! I bought Peter Pan by Wendy, which is washable at 40C and it can be tumble dried. I got 5 balls each in white, lemon and baby blue.

Again, the postman left the big package on my desk while I was away. When I got back, the only thing I could think of is “should I have ordered a crochet hook or will my 3mm suffice???” “start with lemon? or blue?” “stripes? or solid blocks?” Never mind the workload.

And they don’t want to know the sex of the baby. Inside my mind I’m saying “girl girl girl girl girl”… I want to knit cute pink things! Alas for the moment, I must knit neutral. I’m going for 2 stripes of each colour on this starghan, until it’s big enough to wrap a baby… or my hands fall off. Whichever happens first.

It’s my first crochet project and I’m very very very proud of my little star. See how adorable it is!???

Mr Postman (updated)

I really like the postmen at my workplace.

They are funny, they are always nice, and they always give me my post on hand, never leaving it in the post room forever.

I enjoy that. Except when it’s yarn. I ordered the yarn for Alice yesterday morning. 0930 I paid for it. 1015 I got the shipping confirmation by email. 0900 this morning, a tight little package arrived for me. GetKnitted are FAST, man!

It’s burning my eyes, my hands, my heart and soul. I want to open it SO badly!!!!

Alice is a lacy cardigan from Rown 35. The pattern is shown in blue, with a yellow trim. I am doing it in a beige-ish shade, with a terracotta trim. I thought about knitting it with Rowan 4ply as suggested by the pattern, but with the amount of relatives’ birthdays coming up, I need to save up a bit. Patons 100% Cotton 4ply is just as good, and good value for money, as the balls are twice the length, same price!

And it’s sitting on top of my drawer chest here at work. It’s looking at me. I asked my manager if I could go home and knit. She answered, “as long as it’s good for the company”… does that mean that I can go?

UPDATE: OMG. The package. It had a GetKnitted pen. AND LOVE HEARTS. They sure know how to keep me buying wool there. Sweets!

The Agnes Experience

So… drumroll, please?


Here’s Agnes in all her glory, modelled with my new cute shirt.

This project taught me a couple of things:

  • First and most importantly, I thought I had a problem with seaming, but the problem doesn’t stem from there. I am a bipolar knitter, LOL. On st st, my right side seams are great, tight, and neat. My left ones suck, and it’s because I don’t like purling. I hate it like a snake on my socks. The first stitch is always droopy and/or tighter than ever, creating a weird seam. As much as I’d like to block the life out of it to sew it into oblivion, it won’t work.
  • Second, I do need to get better at seaming, it’s annoying that the sleeves look great and the shoulders not so. Next time around I’ll either crochet a slip stith when it calls for cast off, or… I’ll leave live stitches and graft them when it’s time to sew the project together.

Notes on Agnes:

  • I ❤ Cotton Glace. Love looking at it, buying it, petting using it… Those little cute tight cotton balls, with their lovely colours…. I feel like playing with them instead of knitting them!!!!
  • I adored the pattern. The way it looks is amazing, the way it’s shaped is very good for my type of body and style of clothes, emphasis on the waist, lots of little details: french knots, moss stitched lower halves and cuffs.
  • French Knots Veronique mentioned on her blog that the french knots were too bumpy for her liking, and I see what she means, they make my Agnes look a little strawberry-like, but I like them anyways. It took forever to do those, but I’m proud of the way it turned out, I also got better at handling a sewing needle!
  • The sleeves are a bit too long for my liking, but it’s too late, and I don’t mind much. If I do end up knitting up another Agnes (mom will most likely ask for one when she sees it), I will start the sleeves at elbow length.
  • I ended up doing my own button chart. The pattern calls for 7 buttons, I used 11.
  • I got a bit confused having to do the button/buttonhole bands together with the fronts. I’m used to knitting them separately and then sewing them together, so I had tons of un-knit to do every other row. Fortunately enough, I noticed before getting too far away from them!
  • Confusion again for the purl stitch pattern. If you say “continue in pattern” you don’t mean “(find out where you must do your purl stitches to) continue in pattern” I may be dumb, but I think a chart indicating all the purls and all the inc/dec would have been useful?

All in all, I liked Agnes, it knit up quite fast compared to what I thought. It took me a little over 4 weeks to finish it, bearing in mind there were boyfriend-at-home days (where he just won’t let me knit, he gets restless) and the days when I went to the USA.

Enjoy the pictures, and please leave a comment if you liked my work, either here or via Ravelry (stealtheshow).

Help wanted! MA/CT/NY yarn stores!

Hello there,

I need your help! I have been visiting my boyfriend in the USA for quite some time, and I always leave with a bittersweet taste, as he just… doesn’t know where to find yarn stores. I am going to be there for almost 2 weeks in November, and I’m not coming back empty handed this time.

Not so long ago, I discovered through mostlyselftaughtknitter’s links that the cute little Starbucks where we always have coffee has a yarn store in the street behind it. This kind of thing really ticks me off.

Given that boyfriend won’t help unless I bribe him with socks and mittens, I need your help. Could you please let me know the yarn stores you buy stuff from in the following areas: MA (from south up to Boston), CT, CT/NY state line… and just in case, PA too as we may take a couple of days to visit Philly.

Many thanks in advance!

Ta daaaaaa

Finished! I finished Agnes!!! happy dance!

I am absolutely cross-eyed of all the stitching together and french knotting and all. So the notes will be posted with the pictures.

And now I can sleep! yay! I’m wearing it to work tomorrow with my new shirt! yay!!