Mr Postman (updated)

I really like the postmen at my workplace.

They are funny, they are always nice, and they always give me my post on hand, never leaving it in the post room forever.

I enjoy that. Except when it’s yarn. I ordered the yarn for Alice yesterday morning. 0930 I paid for it. 1015 I got the shipping confirmation by email. 0900 this morning, a tight little package arrived for me. GetKnitted are FAST, man!

It’s burning my eyes, my hands, my heart and soul. I want to open it SO badly!!!!

Alice is a lacy cardigan from Rown 35. The pattern is shown in blue, with a yellow trim. I am doing it in a beige-ish shade, with a terracotta trim. I thought about knitting it with Rowan 4ply as suggested by the pattern, but with the amount of relatives’ birthdays coming up, I need to save up a bit. Patons 100% Cotton 4ply is just as good, and good value for money, as the balls are twice the length, same price!

And it’s sitting on top of my drawer chest here at work. It’s looking at me. I asked my manager if I could go home and knit. She answered, “as long as it’s good for the company”… does that mean that I can go?

UPDATE: OMG. The package. It had a GetKnitted pen. AND LOVE HEARTS. They sure know how to keep me buying wool there. Sweets!


1 Response to “Mr Postman (updated)”

  1. 1 lomester July 3, 2007 at 3:49 pm

    I def think that it means you should go. How produtive are you sitting there WANTING to go…:)

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