More more more

Wow, it’s been long. Alice has been taking all my time and attention and devotion.

For the ones that have seen the pattern, you know there’s a border worked on a different colour, and I did order the yarn to make that edge. Well, once knitted… I hated it. It took forever to knit (323 st on size 2.5mm – cuckoo), and the whole k5, co3, to make it 123 st wasn’t that much better. Once on the needles and ready to join the main colour, I frogged it all and it’s sitting on the mountain of yarn, ready to be made a handbag, methinks.When I swatched for Alice, I could not for the life of me get the pattern correct. I decided, bugger it all, I’m going to start the actual thing. And I did. I made a little mistake on the lower right corner of the back, *barely*visible unless you look for mistakes, and I’m very happy. Once I got going, the pattern was so much easier. Now I no longer need to look at it to go along.

And here’s the back, all finished. The fronts are on the needles as we speak, ready for armhole decreases.

See that’s one thing I’d like to know. For 2 same fronts of a jacket, for 2 sleeves… do you knit one, then the other? Or do like my gran, mom and me, and cram the thousand stitches on the needles and do both at the same time to avoid having to actually think twice about the decreases et al?

Another thing that has been driving me off the wall is “the jelly baby”. Rachel, my flatmate’s sister, who very nicely let us stay in her house for free for 3 months while we househunted, is pregnant. I’ve known since like, March. But only when she came over to visit I realised the imminence of the thing itself. She’s due in early November, but with my new job starting soon and family visits and all that… I needed to start it.

The baby blanket. I said I was going to do it, and I realised, a blanket is not a scarf. Or a pair of mittens. It’s something usually very big and boring, mindless row after row.

Searches on ravelry didn’t spark up much… until the last page. Then I saw it! Starghan!

Off I went to buy some baby yarn! I bought Peter Pan by Wendy, which is washable at 40C and it can be tumble dried. I got 5 balls each in white, lemon and baby blue.

Again, the postman left the big package on my desk while I was away. When I got back, the only thing I could think of is “should I have ordered a crochet hook or will my 3mm suffice???” “start with lemon? or blue?” “stripes? or solid blocks?” Never mind the workload.

And they don’t want to know the sex of the baby. Inside my mind I’m saying “girl girl girl girl girl”… I want to knit cute pink things! Alas for the moment, I must knit neutral. I’m going for 2 stripes of each colour on this starghan, until it’s big enough to wrap a baby… or my hands fall off. Whichever happens first.

It’s my first crochet project and I’m very very very proud of my little star. See how adorable it is!???


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