Editing Away

I got home tonight and as flatmate is going to be late and I didn’t want to continue crocheting like mad, I grabbed hold of my magazines, books, and patterns… and started editing stuff on Ravelry.

I edited and approved:

  • Anna – Rowan Studio 1
  • Ivy – Rowan 35
  • Kaban – Rowan 35
  • Pia – Rowan 35
  • Rosa – Rowan 35
  • Spaced Out – Rowan 35 (requested pic for it too)

As a very good girl, I took pics of my stash and updated them too, including the latest acquisition: 10 balls of Jaeger Siena 4ply in the cutest buttery yellow colour. I think I’ll make Rosa (see above) with black beads. Although I fear I’ll look like a bee.

I also plan on adding my damned Kosue from the Bamboo Tape collection… Mom is visiting this weekend, and I hope we can look at it and decide the best way to “attack it”. Maybe lining it is not such a bad idea. Who knows.

I should also add the 2 RYC books I have, as I’m making a couple of things from it.

Today work was very slow. I mean, slow enough for me to see IK Fall 07. See the patterns. Post about it. Toy with the idea of a Rowan Membership. Pay for it. Edit the post. Research the yarns. Try to find substitutes. Slooow day, I tell you.


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