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Here she goes again

I showed a friend of mine one of my future projects, Francis Revisited, and fearless newbie as she is, she wants us to look at yarn when we finish work to make her own. Until there it’s all good, huh?

To get a headstart, considering there’s not a lot of people in the office, I took a look around, thinking “I’ll help her“. Alas, the minute I see a bargain on Cash Iroha I can barely restrain myself. I keep looking at my stash on Ravelry (needs updating, I used some of that yarn. some.). I keep looking at the last blog post. Back and forth.

I can’t possibly NEED any more yarn. Can’t. But Cash Iroha in bright red… yum.

I think I will rip apart the bolero I was making off a Phildar catalogue to make Francis. But … Cash Iroha. The bolero is made with Jaeger EFM Aran, so it’s not like I need more yum yarn. Talk me out of the madness, I beg you!

On other news, last night I got to meet Sarah (Yoshimi) IRL. Met up with Diane, Nora, Ali and Caryl at the Camellia Tea Room in Kingly Court. It was fun, short and sweet.

I finished my first Express Lane sock last night, with Pagewood Farm Yukon, lovely soft yarn, very nice colourway. Actually the sock is not *finished* because the needle I need to use for the bind off is being used, so I just held the stitches, cut off some yarn to finish it and started the next one.

Packed weekends ahead, 2 open houses in the next 2 weekends and then Socktopus opens!

Just thinking now – I could use the Jaeger EFM to make Corona AND buy the Cash Iroha for Francis.


A picture is worth…

A thousand words.

That’s my double bed, by the way…. Details about the yarn madness are on my Ravelry Stash.

Stores I visited:

  • So Much Yarn in Seattle, where I got some Classic Elite Alpaca Sox and Pagewood Farm Yukon
  • Stitches in Seattle, where I got Cascade Eco+ and Cascade Heritage
  • Churchmouse Yarns and Teas in Bainbridge Island, where I got Araucania Ranco Multi for a Clapotis, and where the lovely ladies at the store inflated my ego to no end by praising my Tangled Yoke and Druid Mittens. Mel told me I couldn’t pass the opportunity of visiting this store and she was right. Friendly, small, packed with gorgeous yarns and in the cutest little town.
  • Weaving Works in Seattle, where I got some Rio de La Plata Lana del Artista and Dream in Color Smooshy
  • Homecraft Importers in Vancouver where I got a full bag of Estelle Watercolors
  • Maiwa Handprints in Granville Island Market, where I got a 7 skeins (2 colours x 3 skeins, 1 single skein) of Briggs Little Sport
  • A Touch of Wool in Vancouver where I got 6 skeins of SandnessGarn Tove, in a gorgeous watery green shade.
  • And the discovery of the century… while strolling past Granville Island Market checking souvenirs, I got close to a store that was displaying a very artsy coat, called the Silk Weaving Studio (location link) and (shop link). What a surprise when I saw the wall behind the coat was covered in skeins dyed in the most gorgeous colourful shades. I got 3 skeins of Tussah Silk Fleck, approx 750m each. One of them, the gold one, is already allocated for the Gossamer Stars Scarf from Interweave.

Who says holiday is just for sightseeing?

I know I’ve been the laziest thing not blogging in over a year, so I promise to try and be more consistent from now on.