Dear errata… (& Socktopus opening!)

Don’t you just love it when your pattern has something wrong and you only realise when you are about to finish?

This happened to me on Sunday morning, just as I finished my newest pair of mittens. On the first mitten, I’d just followed the pattern without questioning it, and as I wasn’t knitting from the magazine, I didn’t compare the picture to the FO. As I was gearing up to finish the second mitten, this time with my copy of Vogue, I look at the picture and look at my first mitten. Over and over.

Crappers. The pattern called for knitting every round, including the front of the mitten, when the front is all knit in reverse st st. I didn’t have my computer on and I was on a rush, so I decided to make my own rules. Lo and behold, the pattern is wrong and my version is so much better.

I had to undo the tip of the first mitten (only because Brian kind of bullied me to) and knit it back in a hurry because we had to be off to the Socktopus opening party!

Socktopus is a bit of a walk away from West Brompton station, but it’s in a nice neighbourhood, so that makes it better. When we arrived there were tons of people already there, so many that if I tried to link them it’d be my afternoon all gone – suffice to say everybody I’ve met so far was there and it was a blast to catch up with them. At first I was going to be good and only bought one skein of Indieknits sock yarn (shade name is Frost and it’s gorgeous!) and one of Hazelknits for a pair of socks for Brian, in shade Laguna, a very nice mix of teals and celeste shades.

But then he produced a bunch of cash and said “come on, buy yourself 2 more”. yay!! 2 more Hazelknits (I’m addicted to the stuff!!), in Red Carpet and Terrytwinkle.

So hopefully I can make Entangled Stitches out of Red Carpet, I’ve been looking for the perfect colour to make them.

OTN right now it’s Catriona, right about to separate the neckline, and Nine to Five, a sock pattern with lovely stretchy cables all throughout that is giving me a run for my money as I’ve had to tink back 3 rows due to my cruisecontrol knitting.

Will probably take pictures of yarn, socks and mittens tonight and update this post.

Socks picture!

9 to 5

In other news – we’re officially homeless (almost). We handed our notice to crooky landlord and before the end of December we must be off. Not really sure where we’re heading, but it looks like West Sussex has got more points than any. Must wait and see what happens about work – if the thing I’m hoping to come through does come through there’ll be other “what if’s” to consider, but if it doesn’t come through, we move wherever we move, then I quit work and look for something else.


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