Watch out here I come



Yesterday evening at the Socktopus knitnight, Diane in her infinite patience and incredible encouragement, taught me the short & sweet version of spinning.

I’m totally hooked now – next week I’m definitely getting my first spindle, and some fiber to play with. I’ve been showing it to anyone who is anyone in my life, and my mother sounded way weirded out when I told her over the phone last night….

– Mum, I spun my first yarn last  night.

– you… what?

– yes, I spun yarn

– from what, a sheep?

I guess I’ll have to show her over christmas!

Also, Brian got around 6 viewings for us on Saturday, who knows, maybe we’ll have found a home by then. It’s pretty certain we’ll be moving to Horsham, I guess I’ve had enough of the city neighbourhoods? I’ve always been a city girl, I was born and brought up in Valencia, but as my parents live in the outskirts, the way of life is much more different. I think where we are right now is just a “place of passage” as it doesn’t look like people actually settle in that area, and I’m looking to settle.

I sound like my mother. I’m so excited I can spin.  Pardon the silly song/post title, I just had to!


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