…gonna eat a lot of peaches….

Like the Presidents of the USA, I’m moving to the country. I don’t have a peach tree but I may as well because mama – I is moving to West Sussex.

That is, of course, if the poophole agents we are currently with get their crap sorted out. Having given notice in October, and knowing we had 2 months notice, they did say that “they’d be happier if we vacated the premises before December as December is a tough month to get new tenants”. Well, how about Nov 29th?

Yes, that is BEFORE December. However now they’re saying that “considering the 2 months notice, we’re liable for December’s rent if they don’t find new tenants”. Do you think they are even going to look for new tenants? I don’t think so either. Bloodsucking sons of the devil. Hate estate agents.


Very well, let me walk you through what is (supposed to be) our new home. Situated in a little cul-de-sac in Horsham, it’s a 3 level split semidetached house, with tons of light coming in, a nicely sized living room, a nicely sized and space-generous kitchen, a small toilet, a big bathroom with a huge shower and 2 double bedrooms with built-in wardrobes, with the best feature – inside lightbulb!

Brian is allowing me to put my desk in the second bedroom, as it’s not frequently that we have guests, and that way, my sewing machine, yarn, fabric, books, etc, can have a room of their own.

The house is carpeted throughout, which I adore, as my feet don’t like wooden floors and I love walking around barefoot. No shoes past the door in my new place, guys! The place is completely unfurnished except from the kitchen, as it has the hob/oven/grill combo, big massive fridge, dishwasher and washer/dryer. There’s a big cupboard in the first hallway where we plan to implant our shelves with books, and an airing cupboard for those annoying suitcases, books, plastic crates, etc.

Gas central heating and blackout curtains make this place even better, and the fact that the master bedroom’s windows overlook a field is such a luxury – considering now we overlook Sainsbury’s offices in South London!

We’ll be saving a lot of the rent money, and I’ll sleep much better with the calm surrounding it. Now I only need to time my notice at work cleverly enough to make sure I still qualify for the bonus in March, and ensure I’ve plenty of small projects to take with me on the train, as I will have a slightly longer commute than I have now.

Horsham is a lovely little town, big enough to have a Starbucks and a Waterstone’s, but small enough to have a nice Saturday market with independent traders and know that your house won’t be broken into just because you’re away on holidays. The streets are pebbled, mainly pedestrianised in the centre, there’s plenty of bus and train services everywhere, and it’s even closer to Gatwick Airport (my hub for homebound flights)

Now to make a list – bed, sofa, dinner table, transfer the phone, internet….


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