Wonder if anyone would notice

Half my colleagues are away somewhere. I’m in the office because I had meetings and I couldn’t stay home. All my meetings took place in the morning. I’m bored. I’ve done everything I had to. I have tried to think of a way for me to keep my knitting in my lap and look really intensely at some paperwork, thinking maybe that way I’d look concentrated enough and manage to get the cuff of 9-to-5 finished. Alas, no can do.

Last night I got my spindle from Socktopus and some nice Spindlefrog fleece, in Mango Fandango. Which I think looks like a pumpkin, very in season. I’m feeling quite inspired – I managed to jot down some notes on a concept that was circling my mind but I didn’t quite know how to bring to life.

Still trying, however, to construct the impossible without going mental. I wanted to pop up to York again to get some bargains (James C Brett Merino DK for the impossible project and some sewing books I saw at the stores) but now that we’re moving houses that may be put on hold.

Good news though, I finally received the missing package from the Light Dusting Lace Club that No Two Snowflakes ran from the summer. I received the July package fine. September fine. October fine. August? Well, August apparently circled the world 3 times before making it back to Nicole in October. She sent it back to me recently and surprise of surprises, I got it today – lovely dark chocolate laceweight merino. I thought I would make Obstacles with the pumpkin shade, but now I’m not so sure. And as a little bonus, a little skein in lemon and lime shades!

This, however, doesn’t count as stash enhancement, as it was paid for and expected to be there before my cut off date. I have decided to print all my stash from ravelry and allocate projects to everything without buying more yarn. I have far more lace than I should for my sanity. I’ve allocated a couple of skeins here and there (a blue laceweight for a lovely beaded scarf from Knitscene, a pink silk/merino for a Flower Basket Shawl), but I think I’m doing better at allocating the sock yarn than the rest of them.

If you check this out and have a suggestion on how to use any of them – do let me know. Especially the Araucania Ranco Multi. I’ve seen a cardi I could do, but the colour changes are quite drastic, so I’m still wondering if a Clapotis will really bore me to death.

And the wild coloured HazelKnits. Spring Forward was an initial idea but I think it’ll look better on a solid shade…

I know the best way to check it out would be to ball it and knit some to see if it would work on something other than a shawl/scarf, but if I ball of my yarn, where would I get my kicks from???


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