Round round, baby, round round….

I’m totally hooked on spinning. So much so that I hardly did any knitting this weekend. So much so that I hardly did any packing as well, and considering we’re moving on Saturday, it’s not that good!

I think I said before, I got a spindle and some fiber from Socktopus. The fiber I got is Spindlefrog‘s Merino in a colourway called Mango Fandango and renamed Pumpkin Autum by myself. I split the plait in 2, then each one in 3. Before I was halfway through the second one, the spindle was getting heavy, and following Diane’s instructions and some of my imagination, I transferred the spun  yarn to another stick. A chopstick in this particular case….

From left to right – first chopstick and second chopstick that make 2oz of fiber. Then the third pic shows what’s on the spindle right now, you can click on it and see how much better I got from the first attempts to here!

On Saturday, Diane, Mel and myself took a little road trip up to P&M Woolcraft, where we met Sarah and drooled over spinning wheels and several tons of fiber. Pauline and Martin are so nice and knowleadgeable, I was a bit scared about trying the wheels as I haven’t tried one in my life, but they gave us a bit of fiber and off you go – we tried the Pioneer, the Little Gem and the Joy (double treadle). Mel and I fell in love with the Little Gem. I am going to try and save up a little here and there to be able to buy it in the new year. The treadling is SO easy, the wheel didn’t turn the wrong way even once, it’s smooth spinning all the way. The shade of the wood is very classy and being so small makes it perfect for my new house, as I can take it upstairs or downstairs easily depending on where I want to work.

I also managed to bag a copy of the new Holiday Knits and Teach Yourself Visually Handspinning, from where I took many tips. Before this trip, I was drafting and parking – after it, I’m not parking anymore and I’m managing to get even drafting, even where I need to splice and join new fiber. It’s a good thing I got better, as I got 150g of grey merino and 100g of alpaca silk. I left the fiber bag besides the sofa – last night I kept dipping my  hand in it, I love how soft that mix is.

Sunday was spent packing, although we did have to go out to buy Bobble’s birthday card. Can’t believe he’s 1 tomorrow. Sobs. Now the living room looks like a set off some war movie, there’s suitcases and boxes everywhere… but we’re getting there! Signing the contract today!!

Hopefully sometime later this week I can do a little review of the Holiday Knits issue.


1 Response to “Round round, baby, round round….”

  1. 1 Ana Belen December 14, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    Ese hilado tiene muy buena pinta, el color es precioso!
    Nos vemos pronto 😉

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