And that doesn’t mean wink. I have been knitting like a fool to finish my christmas stuff just so I could start Entangled Stitches with my gorgeous HazelKnits in deep blood red.

I started last night on the train. It will not work with 2.25. I tried at home with 2. Won’t work. I am sad. I really wanted to use this yarn for this project, but anything smaller than a 2mm needle will make the fabric hard as a rock, so I need to give up on this project with this yarn. Le sigh.

I started the Sweetheart socks from last year’s IK Holiday, thinking the yarn would work and it didn’t seem too complicated. I’m working them on 2mm – I’m pulling my hair with it.

I’ve worked cables before. Why is this project SO damn difficult!?

In other news, tonight it’s sob city – my friend is returning home after 3 years in London and I’m waving her off. Clashes with the Socktopus Impromptu Secret Santa night, but I’ve to do what I’ve to do even if I don’t want to do it! I’m really going to miss her. She was there for me when the big break up happened last year. I was there for her for the same reason. She knows what my family has been through in the last year or so. She’s the one I IM at work when I’m bored. And viceversa…


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