So I finished it. The first book in the Twilight series, done and dusted. I was afraid I’d miss my stop yesterday when going to Socktopus I was SO into it.

In contrast, I’m also reading A Million Little Pieces by James Frey and it’s taking me so long to plough through its pages. I think it’s because with Twilight, the feelings of the main character, Bella, mirror pretty much any feeling that any girl has had once she’s 18. First crush, first boyfriend, kiss, desolation at his absence…. I must admit, Stephanie Meyer knows how to put all the intensity of teen love into words and make it flow for the reader. In A Million…, James Frey’s tale of drug abuse and recovery makes you take it one step at a time, especially the episode at the dentist’s clinic.

I read a post from a girl in Spain saying that “book you hate, book you should give away” and I’m beginning to realise it may be true. It’s not so much that I don’t like the story – Cupcake Brown’s A Piece of Cake also tells the story of her drug abuse downward spiral with a lot more detail, but also a lot more humour and written from the perspective of hope and recovery, while James’ is in the minute, and not so hopeful.

As many others, I first heard of his book when it was released “ooooh a drug addict tells his tale” but I wasn’t insterested. However, the minute he was exposed as a fake I was interested. How can someone who’s never felt the actual fall from drugs describe it in such detail? I feel curiosity when I hear of stuff like this.

I also let a quiet chuckle out when I heard how many people felt outraged at his account not being autobiographical, and how much flaming Frey has been getting because of it. Back of the book says “Memoir/Literature”. He never claimed it was real – the publishing house did. And if you are told to wear your gray pants for telly, you wear them. And if you are told to fake it’s all real for the bucks, you do it. Funny how no-one could see the 12 stitch seam he’s supposed to have on his cheek as the book tells…

Moving on – no internet at home yet, and Brian refuses to try until the new year, lucky thing I’ll be going home next week and I can still get my net-fixes through my mom’s puter 🙂


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