Impulse purchase? Me?

Happy new year, everyone. Been home for a week and a half and Spain cabin fever is getting to me. I reeeeeally wanted to come home and now I’m wondering whether taking the whole of next week off was worth it. Le sigh.

One thing cabin fever is good for is knitting. I’ve finished the body and sleeves of my Apres Surf Hoodie (ravlink) and I finally managed to conquer Catriona (ravlink). I started knitting this project back in September and had planned it to be my holiday knitting while we were in Seattle and Vancouver. Little did I know that we were going to have no time for knitting at all! That, and the fact that I found 2 errors that I think I can’t fix (Alice, I’m looking at you, I’m NOT cutting my project!) made me put it in the long forgotten WIP pile. I brought it home and managed to knit all the way to the last 5 cm! Wish me luck, tomorrow I could have a finished vest.

I also brought my project bag for Entangled Stitches, which I plan to make in a gorgeous mustard shade of Malabrigo sock yarn after a horrible affair with HazelKnits Artisan Sock. I hope to at least start them and get some hang of the pattern before I’ve to go back to commuter knitting.

Little working bee that I am, I also spun some over xmas! I brought my orange Spindlefrog remains and managed to ply them and ball it. No pic yet, soz. I got so happy with my spindle I started spinning the grey merino I bought at P&M Woolcraft. Oh dear. It’s spinning up gorgeous. I measured while I spun – 29wpi. Is that good? Now the fear of plying attacks. It looks SO pretty on the spindle, I’m afraid to ply it wrong and having a mess instead of a yummy thread. Conquer the fear, I say…. (and pics will come soon)

I have been playing with ravelry a bit today and looking at my queue, which is more of a “did I actually q that and wanted to knit it?” than a realistic queue. I found Venus (ravlink). And I hovered slightly to the kangaroo website. And I happend to click… I bought Rowan Holiday for this project,  I’d been looking online for a place to buy it but saw nowhere cheaper than 5 quid and, needing at least 12 balls for the project, seemed pricey. I got the whole project for 25 quid and now I’ve to make it!

Everybody is doing new year resolutions so I must begin mine as well, why not now?

  1. Spin consistently, both with the spindle and the soon to be purchased wheel.
  2. Finish all the socks from the Socktopus club.
  3. Get good at crochet. I seem to like incredibly complicated crochet projects, so I’d better get on with it!
  4. Knit from stash. Balls, forget it, I just bought yarn. Ok, knit MOSTLY from stash.
  5. Read more. I have been knitting so much on the train that I find it hard to make time for books, but I read the Twilight Saga in a little over 2 weeks and I’m starting another book tomorrow, so I should keep it up.
  6. Audiobooks. Failing the above, I can listen and knit.
  7. Design something. Since I made Brian’s mittens from scratch, I’ve got the design bug. I may not be brilliant but as long as I make something to fit me, I’d be happy.
  8. Do keep updates with friends. I’ve a couple of friends who have been VERY neglected by my laziness at the time of emailing. I need to make amends.
  9. Knit/sew something spectacular for my friend, as her wedding gift.
  10. Yeah. Get good at sewing. Straight lines need to be a thing of the past!
  11. Cook more. Bake more. Hardly a task, considering since our move to the countryside (ha!) Brian has been in a much better mood and we’ve already started this goal.
  12. Stop biting my nails. All the stress of being home got to me after xmas and I failed. Sarah must be disappointed with her sponsor….

On a last note, last year’s overall look? Family life was stressful, Brian and I realised what everybody seemed to know already, I cried, I laughed, I missed my friends who left for good, I met some new incredible friends, who are not only funny and intelligent but also good knitters and great support when you need them, I learnt new things (sewing, spinning), I got a promotion, I moved somewhere I love living in and I had a fantastic holiday. Can’t complain. I just hope 2009 makes my family life less stressful and everything else will just roll into place.

Bring it on, ’09.


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