Catriona? Done!

I finally managed to finish Catriona! This super intricately cabled vest has been with the WIP pile since September. I thought I’d take it with me on my holidays to have some knitting to do but decided against it, given that it was well complicated… and so it languised as a WIP for longer than it should.

I had made some changes from the original pattern, merely:

  • Sizing. The pattern allows for 10cm of positive ease. I do not do baggy. I considered the pattern, and the 10cm of ribbing at the waist would definitely look tight, so why would I have something tight between hips and waist yet have a baggy vest around my torso? I decided to go with my instincts and made the smallest size to have a tight FO.
  • Pattern. There are, if I’m not mistaken, 8 different cables for this pattern, and 2 different pattern sections (main cable and separating cable). I charted it out, used my felt tip pens to identify each cable. Also, there are areas of garter and stockinette stitch, so I bore that in mind and charted each individual stitch.
  • Yarn. Rialto dk is good, but I couldn’t find a colour I wanted so while on holiday in Beverley, Yorkshire, I found the wonder that is Boyes. Boyes stocks James C Brett Pure Merino DK, a machine washable very soft and elastic merino, and I chose the cocoa colour over the deep  purple, as the saturation of purple may have hidden the cables. (Since then, I got some more colours, got to stock up!)
  • Stitch Pick up. The count of stitches given in the pattern to pick up for the neck and arms would have given me a very big neckline and huge armbands, so I went with the flow, picked up what I had and didn’t care much for the count.

From the first moment, this was a very demanding knit, and I found myself tinking back several stitches and dropping stitches and fixing stitches more often than I usually do. This happened mostly in the garter stitch areas, given that I’d be on cruise control, purling all the stitches on the WS and forgetting that everything had to be patterned.

In any case, complicated got complicated, and I left it OTN when I was about 25cm into it. I knew I’d have to finish it, but it’s one of those projects that requires so much of your attention, you can’t just do one row here and there. When xmas rolled around and I knew I’d have 2 weeks of unadulterated knitting time, Catriona came home to Spain, finished in 3 days and washed it when I came back home.

Catriona came to work with me on Monday and I got compliments from the starter knitters and looks that said “oh you can do THAT?” on the face of those not-yet-converted.

She’s pretty, isn’t she???

From Catriona

And she’s also pretty from here…..

From Catriona

She’s also Oh-So-Warm. That first day of work after the holidays, the chilly wind… and my cozy vest.

In other news, the back to work blues isn’t quite there yet. Maybe because the boss isn’t due back until tomorrow, maybe because the task I’ve been given so far isn’t THAT demanding. No breakdowns expected for… another week at least!

This week I did some fibre purchasing, I want to ply my grey merino tonight, but I also know my Apres Surf Hoodie will be dry and the temptation to actually start the hood is quite high.

I also started the Leyburns. Having trouble fitting my skis  feet into that pattern. I need to widen it, I think. Using yummy Hazel Knits, the colours are beyooooteeefooool.

And thanks Diane for the heads up, I can sign up for the SuperSpin class starting next sunday at Socktopus, can’t wait!!!


3 Responses to “Catriona? Done!”

  1. 1 Laura January 14, 2009 at 3:38 pm

    Beautiful! It fits you perfectly too.

  2. 2 jane January 14, 2009 at 4:54 pm

    It’s gorgeous! You picked the perfect size, it looks great on you. Beautiful work – definitely suitable for impressing the non-knitters!

  3. 3 Nutsue January 15, 2009 at 8:05 am

    It looks great on you!

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