Socks and plying

I succumbed to a KAL! The Socktopus board got notice of the Leyburn KAL that the STR board were doing and it’s a pretty pattern, so I decided to use my stashbusting skills to get started… looks dang pretty, huh?

From Leyburn Socks

And I’ve started what I meant to start in Spain but didn’t have the heart to. I’m plying my grey merino. I spun all of it over xmas but panic hit home when it came to plying, like it did with my orange Spindlefrog merino.

From Grey merino spun

I’m getting 12-13wpi, which I find nice and even, I don’t have chunky/thin areas like I did with the orange stuff. I only seem to have issues with the fluffiness. I thought I’d spun this pretty tight so I could have a tight 2-ply, but apparently I didn’t spin enough. It’s looking pretty anyway and I’m happy about that.

Tonight I’m off to Socktopus to pay Alice and the girls a visit. I haven’t seen them since Dec 19th (eek, that long!) and I’m bringing choccies to celebrate the first meet up I can attend. I’m hoping to land my fingers into some Oceanwinds Merino to spin, to add it to the list of stuff I bought this week – 500g of Merino from Bluefaced and 200g each of a green mix and a pink/heather mix from World of Wool.

Reason being, I need to get better at spinning, as I signed up for Superspin 2 at Socktopus for next weekend and the following alternate one (it’s easier to say 25th and 8th, really), and as I didn’t do Superspin 1, I’m afraid I’ll be the child at the rear of the class eating paste. Nom.


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