I<3 spinning

There, I said it. Who knew that when I questioned the sanity of those who spin I’d be entering the realms of their wisdom!

This weekend I was doing some plying. I had to finish the orange string (aka Mango Fandango Merino from Spindlefrog that I got in Socktopus) and I had my foggy grey (aka grey merino from P&M Woolcraft. I’m SO getting some more on Sat!) ready to ply.

The orange one went without a glitch. I had split the batches, so I just joined them when I was winding it up. I didn’t measure, so there was my first mistake, but never mind, I put it aside and plied the grey merino. I didn’t split the batches there. I had an absolute “SPINNING FAIL” picture across the living room. My spindle looked like it was pregnant with triplets and I kept swearing so much I almost drove Brian out of the house. Alas, it did end. And so I wound it up.

Washed in a little Eucalan….

Gave a good tug…..

Left it to dry….

Kept going to see every 5 minutes if it was any drier….

For a whole day….

And so, last night –

From First Spinning


From Grey merino spun

The orange one is what I’d call a yarn with “personality”. It’s thick and thin, puffy and stringy, soft and cushiony. I have to measure it, but my guess is it’ll make a great hat.

I know it’s wrong to love one of your children more than you love the others, but look at Niebla, my grey one. Isn’t she pretty. She has inherited the soft and cushiony qualities of her sister, but she’s consistent, doesn’t have bipolar yarn disorder. I’m in love with this one.

Because a spinner is nothing other than a knitter with a BAD case of jones for drafting and twisting, I couldn’t sit down and wait. Just that week I had received 500g of undyed merino and I got my hands on some Oceanwinds Roving (shade Razzcherry). Spindle empty. Mind wanders.

“Maybe I should wait until I go to P&M to get another lighter spindle and see what I could do”

“Maybe I should just split the undyed merino, just to touch it a bit”

“What should I do with the Oceanwinds? aaaaaah let’s venture into 3ply there”

“It won’t hurt anyone if I do some more…. sorry Apres Surf hoodie, you’ve had half a hood since last monday but… ah yes, sorry Leyburn sock I never got around to finish”

Brian interrupted me.

“What are you doing?” – before I’d known it, I was splitting the Oceanwinds into 6 batches to do 2 3ply skeins. Oh. errrr… yeah…

From Razzcherry

I just cannot stop. Gorgeous spinny stuff, what did you do to the knitter in me?


2 Responses to “I<3 spinning”

  1. 1 yuvee January 21, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    Oh I can totally relate, I had to force myself to stay away from the spindle and knit! Your yarns are so pretty, I love how you skeined them up, they look like dumplings.

  2. 2 merche January 21, 2009 at 7:55 pm

    Hola-la! pero Ruth cuantas cosas, el calcetin tiene una pinta…. ya has terminado los guantes?.
    La verdad es que el huso engancha un montón, ya estoy pensando en comprar lana para hilar.

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