Spin weekend starts… now!

I got a new toooooy….

From Spindles

This purpleheart 0.8oz spindle arrived this morning on my desk. It even comes in its own little roll with padding to protect it. I’m in love. It’s so light, so purple….

In case you wondered, I took that picture like 5min ago holding the case between my knees and doing some stealthy photography on a corner of my desk.

The good news is I’ve been putting off spinning this week since I finished the first part of Razzcherry because on Sunday I’ve a spinning class and I knew I’d need my spindle. HOWEVER, having received this beauty, I can use it in the class and continue spinning on my other spindle tonight!

Packed weekend ahead, tomorrow’s trip to P&M will take the whole day and while I usually wouldn’t mind the train trip to the pick up point, this time I do because oh-joy the trains aren’t running for the second leg of my trip. Bus replacement service. Ugh.

Last night Alice, Ali, Diane and Mel tried to convince me to buy a wheel when we get there. I must admit I’m almost convinced, but I got paid this Tuesday and half the money is already gone (rent and bills are assumed, but the sofa wasn’t), and I kind of want to evaluate possible spendings this month before doing something completely Ruthlike and blow it all off on a wheel.

I must remember to buyonly fibre when I’m there. ONLY fibre… and maybe a book. I’m also buying fibre for a friend, and I get quite anxious about that because I really want her to like it. Me? I’m pretty set on any grey merino, or oatmeal BFL that you throw my way. Or the droolilicious alpaca silk blend.

Sunday PM will be spent at Socktopus for Superspin 2 part 1. I don’t know what the class will entail and I haven’t tried to find out either, I know to bring my spindle and I know I’ll have fun. And I promise, Diane, I won’t be a pest child *wink*

Oh – progress! Yesterday I finished my first Leyburn and today I finished the toe of the second one. I did all that because I wanted to free up my 2.75mm needle to cast on for the Socktopus first sock club package. Then I realised I’m working the sock on 3mm and what I really need to finish is my hoodie. Bummer.

A little anecdote from last night – on my train going home, Leyburn finished, fingers slightly twitchy, I thought… The sock club yarn comes in 2 skeins. I bet you I can ball one before I get home. I started in Redhill and when we got to Gatwick airport this Irish family got on. Loud, funny, not minding my weird task. All of a sudden this lady touches my shoulder “do you want me to hold the skein for you while you ball it?”. I was completely taken by surprise. Turns out her mam, who travelled with them, used to be a bonafide knitter before her sight got worse. They regaled me with stories of the aran and fair isle sweaters she used to knit for them every christmas and they were very appreciative of my work when I showed them the single sock and my mittens. Isn’t it great when out of nowhere you have an uplifting conversation with a stranger (or a whole family of them)?


1 Response to “Spin weekend starts… now!”

  1. 1 Ana Belén January 23, 2009 at 11:20 am

    Que preciosidad!
    Ya me dirás que tal funciona.
    Yo este finde quiero acabar los calcetines y el hilado violeta, a ver si me cunde, jejeje.
    Por cierto, no te he preguntado, al final me compraste algo? Si lo hiciste dime cuanto te costó y como te hago llegar el dinero. (si soy esa amiga para la que estas comprando fibra, tranquila, que seguro que me encanta!)

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