Fibre meme (S.O.F.A.)

1) Fibres: Bear in mind I just started spinning, I love merino. I am having some difficulty with BFL for some reason…. and I love petting my stash of silk blends. I need to spin some of them!

2) Spinning technique: For now, only spindle short draw. I recently learnt some long draw, but I’m not a fan.

3) Plying technique: errrr the spindle kind?
4) Dyers: Shunklies, LimeGreenJelly, Babylonglegs, Oceanwind…

5) Colours: Bright and complementary colours.
6) Book: I’m now reading The Little Friend, because I loved The Secret History and I think Donna Tartt should really release another book soon.

7) TV Show/Movie: So many…. Buffy, Angel, SATC, Supernatural, House, Grey’s, Six Feet Under…

 8 )Spinning Mag: So far I’ve liked Spin Off and I have subbed.I’m also trawling around the net finding articles.

9) Favourite time of day: Falling asleep on the sofa.

10) Indulgence: Spanish chocolate (Valor con leche, in the purple wrapper, no almonds)


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