The way you park your car

The philosopher in me identified a life metaphor this morning while I looked outside the window of a meeting room. I could see the rows and rows of cars, some battered, some new, some flashy, some old trusty rusty machines, and I thought:

They are all parked differently. Some people will get to work in the morning, find a parking space and just ram the car in it, straight or not, and off they go. Some will take the time to find the space where they can put the car in reverse and enter the space backwards, then straighten the wheels and exit. The first will have to do the hard work of reversing to exit after a hard day of work. The others will simply slide off their space and be on the road.

I am going to have to change my way of parking my mind before work, because this morning as frustration hammered my head (trains delayed, my tights are falling, the laptop is heavy, I am hungry) I almost frayed at the edges and shed a tear.

I hope changing my parking ways changes everything, because I’ve been here before and I don’t want to have to take drugs to be in the frame of mind that regular happy people are in.


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