Dear year-long Santa

I’ve been a good girl, or at least tried, and hey, intention is what really counts, right?

This year I want lots of disposable income. My bosses are grinches who don’t want to give me proper pocket money to afford things, so I want enough money to buy my 2 week holiday to San Francisco and San Diego.

But I also need the disposable income because I’ve been craving a spinning wheel for quite some time, and there’s always been one thing or another stopping me from the purchase. I really need the wheel because the boy is getting anxious about the amount of fibre stacking up in the spare room…

But today I learnt that Prodigy, Slipknot, Korn and Motley Crue will be performing at Download. And while I was pondering whether or not I’d go this year… I really need to now.

I mean now. I want the RIP Package this year. I had enough of teen festivalgoers puking 2 rows behind the tent last year. If you can’t hold your alcohol don’t play with the grownups I say, but what do I know, I only drink tequila. I want a nice comfy cosy noiseless environment that allows me to sleep until noon, then go for a kebab and plant my arse on the main stage field until I fall asleep or I get permanent tinnitus. Whatever comes first.

Could you tell the president that 2% is not an acceptable increase on pocket money? Please?

With high hopes of headbanging in June,


PS: Don’t worry, the person formerly known as my friend is not coming with me this year. Brian will, though!


1 Response to “Dear year-long Santa”

  1. 1 Laura February 10, 2009 at 3:39 pm

    At Latitude in 2006 we camped in the family area – I slept so well! in 2007 we didn’t and got kept up all night by some kid on a bad trip.

    Fun. (not)

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