1 person made me happy today. She gave me brownies.

2 people made me mad yesterday. I should let that be bygones, but for some reason, I can’t.

On the one hand, my ex-boss is being an infoleech of the best kind and it’s pissing me off. Infoleeching at the place of work is when you’re friends with someone, and they just suck info off you, yet never give any away. They are getting rid of my old team, and I’ve had to find out through other sources. Yet she comes to my desk every day asking me how it’s going. It’s going awful, you cow, why do you always have to ask? You know I hate my job and I hate it even more now that I know my boss has given perfect tools to my other team mates yet me and the one next to me are left to fend for ourselves and take 3 times as much time to prepare anything than the others do. I hate that I’m overloaded with work and that while I was promised a handout to other people while I concentrated on the Big Project, it’s not happening, and more and more, I’m just browsing the net waiting for the shit-fan interface to break so I can just tell people to just fuck off my  sight. Alas, I digress.

To come back to the original point, if ex-boss had told me about what is really going on over there, I could have applied for a recent role in a certain team, that while it’s not the cure-all to my problems, it would have taken me off the radar where I am and… oh surprise. Now that role is actually HIGHER than it was advertised due to the changes. So she actually screwed me over. Nicely done girl.

The other pissoff was last night. Relationships come with in-laws. That is a given for everyone. Some people love their in-laws, they have meaningful relationships with them and lively chats over the phone. I don’t particularly enjoy them. The male in-law seems to take no notice of my existence at all, and the only comment he made to me about me last time he saw me was that “I sure eat a lot for such a skinny girl”. The female in-law, while she likes me fine given that I knit and have taught her tricks and actually acknowledges I exist by conversations over the phone, has the most annoying habit of having her son call her at the most awful time in the evenings – dinner cooking for me is a ritual, you do not interrupt it and when you have dinner at 5pm and your son has it at 8 pm, don’t ask him to call you at 7.30pm because that’s plain annoying. You may be alright, we’re not. Then when he gives in (of course, it’s HIS mum), she insists upon herself instead of making it a short convo.

The short story is, they’re coming for a visit this weekend. House is not up for guests so they’re staying at a hotel. Freakingllujah is all I can shout. The issue comes with their arrival time. Saturday, 11am. Grocery shopping time. The boy now wants us to head into town as soon as the shops open to ensure we’ve stocked up to cater to his parents needs.

My approach when my parents come to visit is – we have shit to do, you’ve to tag along, hope you’re fine with it. His approach is to bend over backwards, do the shopping in 30 minutes, only buy the “essentials” and then rush home to cook for them, cater for them on silver service and then bathe their feet or something. Considering only one of them appears to see me when I’m in the room, you can imagine how much I’m looking forward to this. On top of it, he wants to cook. I usually don’t mind letting him take the lead there. This time, I wish I was knee-deep in dough, sauces and pans, just so I can forget the inconvenience of having people changing my boyfriend’s brain for a puppy’s one for a whole weekend.

The “insists upon herself” bit goes like this – they’re driving down here. They have a satnav. They have a car. They know how to make both things work at the same time. We have a parking space. So does the hotel. Any REGULAR person would drive their car from point A to B and that’d be the end of the story. She asked for DETAILED directions. As in, detailed down to the birdfeeder where the robins go every other saturday. As in, repeat it please, for the 4th time running. And we were cooking dinner. And he said so 5 times. And she wouldn’t let go.  Repeat that again, please?

Oh and before any of you think of this- I’m not at all disturbed by the fact they’re coming over on Valentine’s day because we don’t give a crap about these things… hell we don’t even have an anniversary. However, THEY don’t know that, and to break into someone’s routine so suddenly in such a remarkable date without a second’s though, shows you how much they give a poostick about me or his son’s happy relationship.

There. Rant over.


3 Responses to “People….”

  1. 1 emmms February 11, 2009 at 12:18 pm

    Dude, that’s a lot for one person to have to deal with… I hope the in-laws magically turn into rainbows and lemondrops and rearrange so you can have a glorious time with them some other day and that ex-boss gets hit by a karma bolt.

  2. 2 Laura February 11, 2009 at 4:54 pm

    Urgh. Parents can be so stuck in their ways!

    Good luck for the weekend.

  3. 3 Diane February 12, 2009 at 9:18 am

    (((hugs))) and (((hugs))) again 😦

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