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Just another little bit of history repeated

Total tv geek moment to start with –  I have said before how 3 of the Twilight actors had been in the OC, last night I was watching season 3, quietly knitting… I look at the credits. The Heavy Lifting is the episode, and it shows Cam Gigadet (James – Volchek), Nikki Reed (Rosalie – Sadie) and Jackson Rathbone (Jasper – Justin). I almost peed my pants I was watching a moment of twilight history being born, especially because Sadie and Volchek have history, and Justin is so cute.

What else to tell? Scary Wednesday rolled smoothly as we were all pulled into a massive meeting room for a 2hr departmental meeting where we all expected to hear the famous words (credit crunch, redundancies…) and it was all just to comment on last year’s successes. Having my name broadcasted via huge speakers gave me a little bit of confidence.

Apres Surf Hoodie? DONE. Last night I knit to my fingers’ ends, 1 and 1/2 inches of stockinette over the neckband (somewhat in the vicinity of 250stitches) and i-cord bind off over the same amount. I wanted to shoot anything on sight. I was so wired after I finished that I just HAD to cast on the club socks because I know I’m so far behind…

After ripping the heel off the 2nd Leyburn for the 2nd time around (total heels ripped in a pair of socks? 5, somewhat a record in my books), finally into the leg. I am most decidedly a top-down sock knitter. I hate the uncertainty of whether or not my yarn will take me to the end of the sock, but at least I can turn a very decent heel without ripping.

This weekend will be very quiet, blocking the ASH hood, handwashing some shawls, learning to minicable again with the Entangled Stitches gloves and spinning. I have to get my homework done for next week’s lesson on plying and haven’t even had a minute to start.

I’ve also been reading. By Brian’s suggestion, I borrowed his copy of The Poisonwood Bible, by Barbara Kingsolver. Very heavy book. Dense, complex, psychology and history, religion and devotion. There’s an inherent need to embed yourself in the skin of who’s narrating the story, 4 sisters and their mum, talking about the life they lived as a baptist mission family in Congo during the late 50s and early 60s. I’m in the last chapters of the book and still trying to decide whether I love it or I’m indifferent, given that I still need that *something* to turn the tables.

I’m feeling the pressure because it’s one of his favourite books and while we may agree on a lot of areas in life (movies, tv, music, food), books have not been one of them. He was spot-on when he gave me The Secret History by Donna Tartt, I liked it so much I reckon I may read it again right after finishing The Poisonwood Bible, but it may just be that this book’s characters lack a certain desire for the future – I don’t see them as strong and determined women, sumission and silence are not on my personality traits and I barely tolerate them on others, so maybe my inability to relate to them keeps me from adding this book to my favourite’s shelf. The narration and description are spotless nonetheless and just for that, worth a read.