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Taking stick

Last week I was pretty surprised when I read about the Ross/Brand prank on Andrew Sachs and his granddaughter. The whole thing just reeked of Russell Brand – tasteless, lacking in respect, not funny in the slightest and with a distinctive smell of a very far away shower.

In any case, yesterday I found out that the granddaughter in question is a burlesque dancer. Not to be blunt, but surely if you insinuate sex and get nude for a living, surely you should get some stick for the whole joke, right? Poor Sachs though, I understand how bad he must feel – if I had any relative, distant as they may be, who had been in close proximity of Brand, I’d be furious too.

The whole “take some stick” rant begins this morning with a bunch of chavvy losers on SouthWest Trains. As usual, I sit down, take my coat off and get knitting the project du jour.  Let me start by saying that chav #1, sitting to my right, stank of cigarrette smoke and his breath allowed room for improvement.  He was shouting across the aisle to chavs #2 and #3, who looked like they’d been hit with an I-beam when they were born and never recovered. Talking about Page 3 (what else if not!?) and #1 tries to turn the paper to his maights (mates for those with real spelling skills), and I hear over my music that “maybe that bird could make me some long johns for xmas”. Assuming the “hey if I don’t pay them attention they’ll realise they’re worthless little pieces of crap and leave me alone“, I continue knitting and skipping tracks on my Zen to get to the meanest loudest heavy metal song I could find. The joke continued all the way to Brentford.

I told a colleague and his response was “you need to learn to some stick”.  Why? I don’t go around provoking anyone, or asking them to take notice of my actions, I’m literally taking my 20 minutes of commute and stitching them up into something useful and creative. Why would they need to think it’s in their right to voice their judgement very loudly and probably enrage anyone who wanted to have a quiet train ride into work with their actions? 

In his opinion – I’m doing something completely out of what’s considered usual to do on a train and therefore there’s room for jokes and fingerpointing.

Which led me to another thought: I have not yet seen anyone trying to stop the chavs from laughing at someone, playing their music on speakers, being a nuisance and menace to everyone around them. Sad, isn’t it?


We have ALL thought of that!

Google searching for “online yarn stores”…. found this interesting piece of info.

Given that this sets an example we may have to resist our urges to steal wool.