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Watch out here I come



Yesterday evening at the Socktopus knitnight, Diane in her infinite patience and incredible encouragement, taught me the short & sweet version of spinning.

I’m totally hooked now – next week I’m definitely getting my first spindle, and some fiber to play with. I’ve been showing it to anyone who is anyone in my life, and my mother sounded way weirded out when I told her over the phone last night….

– Mum, I spun my first yarn last  night.

– you… what?

– yes, I spun yarn

– from what, a sheep?

I guess I’ll have to show her over christmas!

Also, Brian got around 6 viewings for us on Saturday, who knows, maybe we’ll have found a home by then. It’s pretty certain we’ll be moving to Horsham, I guess I’ve had enough of the city neighbourhoods? I’ve always been a city girl, I was born and brought up in Valencia, but as my parents live in the outskirts, the way of life is much more different. I think where we are right now is just a “place of passage” as it doesn’t look like people actually settle in that area, and I’m looking to settle.

I sound like my mother. I’m so excited I can spin.  Pardon the silly song/post title, I just had to!


Dear errata… (& Socktopus opening!)

Don’t you just love it when your pattern has something wrong and you only realise when you are about to finish?

This happened to me on Sunday morning, just as I finished my newest pair of mittens. On the first mitten, I’d just followed the pattern without questioning it, and as I wasn’t knitting from the magazine, I didn’t compare the picture to the FO. As I was gearing up to finish the second mitten, this time with my copy of Vogue, I look at the picture and look at my first mitten. Over and over.

Crappers. The pattern called for knitting every round, including the front of the mitten, when the front is all knit in reverse st st. I didn’t have my computer on and I was on a rush, so I decided to make my own rules. Lo and behold, the pattern is wrong and my version is so much better.

I had to undo the tip of the first mitten (only because Brian kind of bullied me to) and knit it back in a hurry because we had to be off to the Socktopus opening party!

Socktopus is a bit of a walk away from West Brompton station, but it’s in a nice neighbourhood, so that makes it better. When we arrived there were tons of people already there, so many that if I tried to link them it’d be my afternoon all gone – suffice to say everybody I’ve met so far was there and it was a blast to catch up with them. At first I was going to be good and only bought one skein of Indieknits sock yarn (shade name is Frost and it’s gorgeous!) and one of Hazelknits for a pair of socks for Brian, in shade Laguna, a very nice mix of teals and celeste shades.

But then he produced a bunch of cash and said “come on, buy yourself 2 more”. yay!! 2 more Hazelknits (I’m addicted to the stuff!!), in Red Carpet and Terrytwinkle.

So hopefully I can make Entangled Stitches out of Red Carpet, I’ve been looking for the perfect colour to make them.

OTN right now it’s Catriona, right about to separate the neckline, and Nine to Five, a sock pattern with lovely stretchy cables all throughout that is giving me a run for my money as I’ve had to tink back 3 rows due to my cruisecontrol knitting.

Will probably take pictures of yarn, socks and mittens tonight and update this post.

Socks picture!

9 to 5

In other news – we’re officially homeless (almost). We handed our notice to crooky landlord and before the end of December we must be off. Not really sure where we’re heading, but it looks like West Sussex has got more points than any. Must wait and see what happens about work – if the thing I’m hoping to come through does come through there’ll be other “what if’s” to consider, but if it doesn’t come through, we move wherever we move, then I quit work and look for something else.

A picture is worth…

A thousand words.

That’s my double bed, by the way…. Details about the yarn madness are on my Ravelry Stash.

Stores I visited:

  • So Much Yarn in Seattle, where I got some Classic Elite Alpaca Sox and Pagewood Farm Yukon
  • Stitches in Seattle, where I got Cascade Eco+ and Cascade Heritage
  • Churchmouse Yarns and Teas in Bainbridge Island, where I got Araucania Ranco Multi for a Clapotis, and where the lovely ladies at the store inflated my ego to no end by praising my Tangled Yoke and Druid Mittens. Mel told me I couldn’t pass the opportunity of visiting this store and she was right. Friendly, small, packed with gorgeous yarns and in the cutest little town.
  • Weaving Works in Seattle, where I got some Rio de La Plata Lana del Artista and Dream in Color Smooshy
  • Homecraft Importers in Vancouver where I got a full bag of Estelle Watercolors
  • Maiwa Handprints in Granville Island Market, where I got a 7 skeins (2 colours x 3 skeins, 1 single skein) of Briggs Little Sport
  • A Touch of Wool in Vancouver where I got 6 skeins of SandnessGarn Tove, in a gorgeous watery green shade.
  • And the discovery of the century… while strolling past Granville Island Market checking souvenirs, I got close to a store that was displaying a very artsy coat, called the Silk Weaving Studio (location link) and (shop link). What a surprise when I saw the wall behind the coat was covered in skeins dyed in the most gorgeous colourful shades. I got 3 skeins of Tussah Silk Fleck, approx 750m each. One of them, the gold one, is already allocated for the Gossamer Stars Scarf from Interweave.

Who says holiday is just for sightseeing?

I know I’ve been the laziest thing not blogging in over a year, so I promise to try and be more consistent from now on.

Help wanted! MA/CT/NY yarn stores!

Hello there,

I need your help! I have been visiting my boyfriend in the USA for quite some time, and I always leave with a bittersweet taste, as he just… doesn’t know where to find yarn stores. I am going to be there for almost 2 weeks in November, and I’m not coming back empty handed this time.

Not so long ago, I discovered through mostlyselftaughtknitter’s links that the cute little Starbucks where we always have coffee has a yarn store in the street behind it. This kind of thing really ticks me off.

Given that boyfriend won’t help unless I bribe him with socks and mittens, I need your help. Could you please let me know the yarn stores you buy stuff from in the following areas: MA (from south up to Boston), CT, CT/NY state line… and just in case, PA too as we may take a couple of days to visit Philly.

Many thanks in advance!